Thursday, September 13, 2007

days of much exhaustion

"Exhaustion sets in when we are too accessible too much of the time. A soul-numbing sadness comes when we realize that a certain quality of life and quality of presence is slipping away as a result of too much ‘convenience’. Breaks in the day that used to be small windows of replenishment for body and soul.. are now filled with noise, interruption and multi tasking. What feels like being available and accessible is really boundaryless existence that offers no protection for those things that are most precious to us. ~ Ruth Haley Barton"
i feel like i never have enough time to just sit, relax, sleep, eat, study, read. I'm pretty sure this is something that i choose for myself however. i want to help out where i can and make things easier for others. this cuts into my me time. if there is such a thing.
For lack of a better word i lack the creative outlet. I make myself available for others and forget i need to be there for me. For my sanity. I need to get a new creative outlet or a way to relieve myself.

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