Monday, July 27, 2009


I used to journal constantly..i would carry a journal with me everywhere. I'm not sure what happened to that, probably just growing up and life getting in the way.. But I want to get back into it. I think my journaling has become blogging... I found a website that is great for getting the ball rolling again....

or here are a couple other topics-

Imagine yourself in a place you like to be (not necessarily someplace you like to *go*). What do you like about it? What are the most intriguing/appealing aspects? In contrast, think of a place you do *not* like being. What makes you not like being there? Think how you can use this to develop ideas for writing.

Sit yourself in a favorite spot, or imagine an ideal place and describe it as an expanding bubble or sphere. Start with the center which is you, how you feel, your thoughts. Slowly expand, taking note of subtle nuances around you. Expand the sphere beyond your field of vision.

Who do you spend the most time talking to? Clients, customers, friends, spouse, telephone solicitors, television, parents? Make a list of who you actually talk to during the day and estimate the amount of time invested in each individual. Does the list reveal your priorities? Is it proportional to what is important to you? Continue the exercise by making note of what you talk about in your daily conversations.

List five wishes that you have. Continue the exercise by writing about the fulfillment of each wish.

Is there something you are reluctant to say to someone? Pretend that you are telling a third party and summarize what you would like to say. Continue the exercise by considering what would happen if you actually told the person involved. How would you feel afterward?

Do you consider yourself to live purposely? Write about specific choices you have made for yourself in the past. Think about the daily choices you make concerning the following areas: self, relationships, career, and health. For each write a goal that you have and three things that you can do to accomplish it.

What is buzzing in your brain? Spontaneously write down 10 creative ideas/ activities that you can do as an expression of who you are. These may be things you've never done before and could be as varied as volunteering at your local food pantry or cake decorating. If you come up short, browse for ideas that support your values. Select four items and write how you would feel about them, or would benefit from doing them. Are they practical and obtainable? If you say no to any of them, write why not.

Write five personal short term goals.

Start an entry that devotes one day to writing about the events that you see happening around you. The next day, record the images that you see, taking particular note of specific items. In the next entry, write about sounds and aromas and colors, textures in a more abstract manner.

Are you aware of your emotional dependencies? Describe who (or what) they are, and how your emotional state depends on them.

What is your obsession?

What are your comfort foods? Comfort books? Comfort TV shows/movies? Comfort music? Comfort activities? Is there a common theme in how you seek comfort?

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