Tuesday, July 06, 2010

{behind my handlebars}

I am starting a new installment on my blog called “behind my handlebars” which will be an account of my bike adventures!

Here is a little bit about my bike!

I have an Electra Cruiser that I got in 2008.
Its pearl blue in color and rides like a dream!

I have started to “Pimp my ride” over the last couple years and here are the accessories it sports:
Plastic cup holder
Quick-Release-Bicycle-Basket (mine is silver though)
New Belgium Bike Bell- ringy dingy!
Bike Lights

I need: 
Bicycle-Spoke-Beads (but want some that are blue and silver)

This past Saturday I rode my bike from my house to my sister’s house (11 miles round trip) and we then headed over to the Paris Street Market. I am getting myself Bike ready for the Moonlight Classic in a couple weeks!!!

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