Wednesday, July 07, 2010

{Soon I will be running like the wind}

I did it.

I got the cortisone shot in my heel yesterday for my plantar fasciitis. I hurt like heck I will tell you!! OUCH!  At this point I'm icing, heating and using biofreeze til its not sure anymore. This was in preparation to start running like the wind! And being able to work out again! I am very ready for this day. Which will be one week from yesterday (per doctor's orders).

I have been reading "Complete Book of Women's Running" by Dagny Scott (year 2000). This has really been exciting me for getting ready to RUN!  I can honestly say I took my pain free years for granted...! But I am almost there. I will be embarking on a new journey very soon!

I used to run for Lacrosse. But that wasn't training for running alone. That was training to be able to run for short spurts during the game or before during warm-up. I have never trained to run, just to run. I am really excited to run, just to run!!

The plan for beginners, as outlined in the book is as follows:

Six week Schedule
Week one:
Walk for the first 10 minutes
Alternate running and walking for the middle 10 minutes.
Walk for last 10 minutes
Goal: 2 minute running segments

Week two:
Walk for the first 8 minutes

Alternate running and walking for the middle 14 minutes.
Walk for last 8 minutes
Goal: 4 minute running segments

Week three:

Walk for the first 5 minutes
Alternate running and walking for the middle 20 minutes.
Walk for last 5 minutes
Goal: 6 minute running segments

Week four:

Walk for the first few minutes
Run 7 minutes
Walk for the rest of the 1/2 hour
As the week goes on, extend the running portions by 1 minute.
Goal: 10 minute running segments

Week five:
Walk for 3 minutes
Run 12 minutes
By the end of the week, walk 3 minutes, run 15 minutes, walk until rested, then run the rest of the session
Goal: 15 minute running segments

Week six:

Walk for 5 minutes
Run 20 minutes in the middle, as the week goes on, cut back on the walking portion at the beginning and end.
Walk for 5 minutes
Goal: 30 minute running segments

After this they recommend alternating running 30 min runs and 30 min run/walks.

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