Friday, May 27, 2011

{scrapbooking space envy}

July 31.

this is the day after my brother's wedding.

also the day, my mother and I move our joint scrapbooking space into his room! :)

My mom and I live very close together (less than 1.5 miles) and in order to save resources (and money by not buying two of everything) we share a scrapbooking space in her basement. (at least until my husband and I buy a house, we live in a condo now...)

Christine of Retrospection posted pics of her scrapbooking space today & let me tell you, I'm green. Green with envy! Envy for July 31 and for the day my husband and I buy a bigger house and I'll get a scrapbook dedicated room!

I just love the wall color and the unexpected pop of color with the green, blue and pink!

I want to sit in this chair and read with a cup of tea.. mmmmmm!

diggin' the inspiration board!

Seriously? Can I move in NOW?

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Phil and Amber said...

Now I'm envious too...and I already have a scrapbooking space (not that you'd know it by the looks of it these days). Maybe I'll do some revamping too!!!

...did you see the cupcake stand (I'm assuming that's what it is) on the desk with the glasses holding embellishments? Pretty sure I'm going to need something like that now!

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