Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{Marketing Monday: Marketing and Editing Checklist}

I'm starting a new feature on my blog Marketing Monday! I'm a marketing major and I keep up on marketing stuff via blogs and other websites. In other words, I'm a marketing nerd!

I hope you enjoy!

Marketing and Editing Checklist

1. Headline: Does it grab attention? Is it followed up and substantiated?

2. Copy: Does it deliver substance?

3. Grammar: Does it conform to real or set styles and rules?

4. Is it spell-checked and proofread?

5. Message: Does it make sense? Does it flow?

6. Got the facts?

◦ Did you use reliable, relevant facts and figures?

◦ Are they substantiated? Cited with a source?

7. Whom are you talking to?

◦ Can you picture the one person you are targeting?

◦ Do your tone, style, technique meet that person’s needs?

8. Do your sentences end in strong words?

9. Is the language simple and clear?

10. Is it readable?

11. Does it look good?

Is there a good mix of short and long sentences? Short and long paragraphs?

◦◦ Is there plenty of white space?

◦ Is the type large enough?

◦ Will your audience want to read it?

◦ Are the visuals complementary?

12. Call to action:

◦ Is it clear?

◦ Is it specific?

◦ Is it right for your audience (something they will do?)

Is it portable? Can the copy be transferred to another medium successfully?

13. Is it search-engine-optimized (if requested)?

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