Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What inspires me…

I am creatively fed continually by the world around me - sometimes I see stuff that I am really drawn to and I'm not really sure why... I like to keep it close where I can see it all the time or look at it when I am in a funk. I just look and allow it to "talk to me"... until I hear what it's telling, showing or trying to teach me... I am also fed by things that are in a distinct order or things that are well organized. I love looking at catalogs with new ideas for ways to put things together. Here are some of the things I look for:
Cool books & magazines, Different music, Fun designs & color combinations, Different flavors.

On days that I am feeling less than inspire and less than motivated I like to take a walk, enjoy a cup of coffee; go though old magazine or journals, have an internet field trip. Today is one of those less than inspired days and with the temperature just above the freezing point, the internet field trip will just have to suffice.

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