Thursday, March 13, 2008


Nothing inspires us more than life’s simple plea­sures–warm fires on cold nights, laughter, fresh sheets, little cafes, traveling, hot bread, sunny days, flip flops, driving with the sunroof open, and going out for brunch. It has been almost 5 years since I have written in my joy journal on a regular basis. I wonder if this is the lack of inspiration or an under appreciation of the things I come in contact with. There was a time when the simple pleasures were enough for me to keep going in some of the worst times. Not to say that 5 years ago I more fortunate or happy, I just took more time to notice the things I had and realize how well off I was. If I try and see what types of things I had going on then, I remember it was right after the UNC semester and the West Nile Virus scare. After a life threatening illness, your life is really put into perspective. I hope that I don’t have to become ill again to take pleasure in the simple things.

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