Monday, January 11, 2010

{New years Resolutions}

Here is a short list of the New Years resolutions I have made-

-exercise and eat better
-drink MORE water
-remember my vitamins
-make a new dish each week
-start menu planning so we aren't at the grocery store more than one time a week
-scrapbook at least one day a week
-read at least 1 book each month
-read the Bible from front to back this year

What are some of yours?

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Nikki said...

I didn't make resolutions per se.

I made a 2 column page of 2010 goals and broke them down by:

Girl Scouts

And then I split them up into months so I have a list of things to accomplish each month.

So of them include:
Taking a sewing class
Learn to make candles
Learn to make soap
Get an iMac
Volunteer more at PTO
Get one freelance article published in a magazine
Finish my Project 365 scrapbook

Okay, maybe I went into too much detail but I thought I'd be more successful that way.

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