Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{Quite a Pile}

Here is the pile of books that I am currently reading... Surprisingly enough I can usually remember what page I am on with each one! I put the Life of Pi at the top because one of my book clubs is reading that one in a week and a half. I need to get reading on that one!

I have really been thinking things over recently.... thinking about the things that I am putting my energy toward..... There are only so many things I try to involved in or so many people that I can continue to TRY to keep in touch with....I am spreading myself too thin.. It's been a rough couple days while I have been thinking these things over..... i try to remind myself to hang in there........more about this topic later.. I got things I need to get done today….  no more thinking 

1 comment:

chriswooten57 said...

looks like you have some reading to do, lol. i love to read. thanks for sharing on your blog. i just found your site and enjoy.


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