Monday, July 12, 2010

{25 while 25 list}

1. Take a hike
2. Sew something
3. Do yoga 25 times
4. Have a girls weekend
5. Read 25 Books
6. Run a Race
7. Throw a party
8. Use at least 25 postage stamps
9. Create something amazing
10. Read 2 non-fiction books
11. Use my passport
12. Reach a happy weight
13. Learn how to belly dance
14. Make pasta from scratch
15. Attend Country Jam
16. Get a full body massage
17. Take a cooking class
18. Save $2,500.00
19. Get my 3rd tattoo
20. Finish my quilt
21. Take ballroom dancing lessons
22. Go without a car for one weekend
23. Take a workshop
24. Get fitted for Tennis shoes
25. Do the Moonlight Classic

I turned 25 on June 25th. I decided that I was going to start making a list to complete each year. Here is my 25 while 25 list! Stay tuned as I document how I cross these things off!

1 comment:

Phil and Amber said...

Awesome list! I'm totally in for the making pasta from scratch and the cooking class! ...others too, but I'm going to learn belly dancing from the privacy of my own home (I even have a video ;O)!

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