Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I think I need a vacation!

At time to:
Do nothing
Not answer the phone
Or email
Not cook
Or clean
Not be available- all the time

Marta Writes posted something great on this and I have linked her original post here, but copy/pasted below with my thoughts for a at home vacation!


Pick a county or theme for your travels… Let’s do Beach/Tropical!

Here are some fun steps ideas to vacation at home.

• Again, do your research. On the places you can’t go. Find out about the culture, the food, everything. Learn about all the sights to see. Watch documentaries from the library.

• Cancel the newspaper, Hold the Mail and Turn off the computer. This way you can be apart from the local world (YES!)

• Splurge: If I were to “travel” to the beach, I would buy some beach clothes and some suntan lotion.

• Go grocery shopping: Browse the ethnic food aisle for anything else that looks fun. Get some stuff to make beach drinks.

• Find local restaurants that might have “beach/tropical” food or have that theme. Some place you wouldn’t usually go!

• Do your research on places you can go and sightsee: Pretend you have family in from out of town, where would you take them? Large swimming pools in the area, a lake that is close?

• Make your home a hotel. Make the beds and place a chocolate on the comforter, place travel sized shampoo in the showers. Room service is a fun idea; you order food in for a night.

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