Wednesday, October 24, 2012

“The Skinny Rules”

I recently listened to “The skinny rules” the new book by Bob Harper, the personal trainer, known most from the Biggest Loser. I was surprised that I actually took notes on the 20 rules in this book. I think there are some good ideas and some that feel like a punishment. Here’s what I thought…

These are very paraphrased… my notes are the things in unbold text....

1. Water – drink it right when you wake up and before and with every meal. Make sure you’re drinking it all day every day, period.

2. Don’t drink your calories… this one is hard for me! I really enjoy a yummy latte or misto.. He doesn’t go into too much detail here.. I assume Milk is ok, just no juice, soda, etc.

3. Have protein at every meal. It will keep you fuller between meals.

4. Limit your refined flour

5. Eat 30 to 50 grams of fiber a day

6. Eat apples and berries every day.

7. No Carbs after lunch. Ouch Bob.. That’s a hard one….

8. Learn to read food labels.

9. Stop guessing about portions, used forced portion control. I agree completely with this one. I bag my snacks, fruits, veggies, hummus, snacks, etc. It helps! It makes it grab and go! I also use a food scale for my meats.

10. No more added sweeteners. No artificial sweeteners either. He means no more baked goods bars with sugar, etc.. this is hard.. I like chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, scones, etc (in moderation!) way too much..

11. Get rid of white potatoes

12. Go meatless / animal protein-less at least one day a week – more if possible.

13. No more fast or fried food. I heard once that you can’t eat fast food and be fast!

14. Eat a real breakfast. Before you leave the house if possible. This will limit the trips to McD or Bagel joints.

15. Make your own food. Eat at least 10 homemade meals a week.

16. Bash Salt. We only need to consume 1 teaspoon a day

17. Eat your veggies. Duh.

18. Go to bed hungry. You’re burning off your dinner. Stop eating at least 3 hours before bed.

19. Sleep right. Stop drinking caffeine after 3pm.

20. Have one splurge meal. One meal, not one day of meals. Do this after 2 weeks of following the other 19 rules.

I found this graphic after wrote all that :)

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Ant said...

"No carbs after lunch"?! EEK!

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