Saturday, December 29, 2012

{preparing for the end of 2012 - start of 2013}

There are always a couple things I like to do at the end of the year to "get ready" for the start of the new year.... this year I'm kicking it "into high gear" as I'll be starting my graduate program eight days after the new year starts...

Here's my list for end of the year:
  1.  Make a list of "quick meals" and stick to the fridge
    • These are first meals we have everything for in the pantry or freezer and can be assembled easily or I can have my hubby start them for me. If it required a canned food, I using write the name of the recipe it's for on the car with a sharpie; this is easier for me (when creating a grocery list) and my hubby (he can just pull the can(s) out)
    • There are a few meals that need a couple things from the store. On my quick meal list, I write out what they need and how much. This way I don't have to sort though the pantry!
  2. Clean up the Junk Drawer.
    1. Those things can get crazy out of control! After I read "unclutter your life in a week" I learned that we really don't need to have things (or groups of things) in more than one place.. Example: in my house there were batteries in 3 different places.. I overbought on a couple types because they weren't in the same place. Same thing goes for sticky notes, lotion, body wash, etc. the book said "a place for everything, everything in it's place"..
  3. Clean up the office/desk/filing and desk drawers
  4. Add my "starred" items on google reader to pinterest. I read my blogs on my kindle and forget to add stuff to pinterest.
  5. Finish up the book I'm on..
    • Its nice to start the year fresh and then I can get a good "books read in year count"
    • I'm reading the bible cover to cover this year.. almost there. I should finish today.
  6. Clean up around the house.. Its just nice to start the year clean!
What do you do for the new year? Am I the only one that does this?

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