Monday, March 12, 2012

{on smashing}

I know I'm not the only one addicted to Smash books and the art of "Smashing". Today I felt like writing a post on this subject..

This is what I know about smashing and how I smash…

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1. I know I'm addicted to my smash book and smashing because I think "I should smash this" or I need to BUY things to smash..

2. I keep a ziplock bag in my purse of "Things to Smash".

3. I've cut up all the magazines in my home (other than Women's health and Simple & Delicious - these don't get cut up!) and smashed the clippings based on theme, color, etc.

4. I printed items from my pinterest on cardstock to smash...

5. I went through all my desk drawers, old binders, memory boxes, old cards, etc and smashed all that stuff...

6. I carry my smash books and scissors with me (almost everywhere).

7. I own two of them (Black and Pink) for now... I have my eye on a the blue, orange and green one....

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1 comment:

Rachel Lione said...

Wait, I've never heard of this! Is this like Pinterest in real life? In which case I already know I LOVE IT!

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