Monday, September 10, 2012

Last Hoooorrraaahhh! At least for five weeks

Tomorrow I'm starting a five week boot camp... am I crazy? Call me, maybe..

I signed up for this challenge in the first week of August. I knew I needed a new goal & after meeting my other goals, I need something new.. I need to push myself mentally & physically.. Push myself to a place I thought I couldn't before.. (But who am I kidding.. I've done that before!)
Goal 1. Lose lbs..
*I tried to do that for years! I've struggled with my weight & body image since high school & in October of 2010 I started my weight loss journey. «enter weight watchers & working out 4+ days a week» I reached my weight watchers healthy BMI & lifetime status in December of 2011..  I never thought I'd be the weight I am or the clothing size I am. Ever. In junior high I was a size 7 (juniors) & in high school I was a 10 or 12.. Now I'm a size 4.. (usually).., I cant believe it & that's at the tippy top of my Healthy BMI range..  Goal reached!

Goal 2. Enjoy working out
*Ha! Does anyone enjoy working out.. Yes, the answer is yes. I didn't, but I do now! In the fall of 2010 I started cycling (2 to 3 days a week), weight lifting ( in a barbell group fitness class 2 days a week) & walking or doing the elliptical the other days. This might seem like a lot, but I had a really stressful job, that I needed to leave behind & working out was the best way ( or drinking wine! Hehe! ) Now I really really like working out.. Goal reached!

Goal 3. Triathlon
Not until about a year ago did I think I'd do a triathlon.. I didn't think about them, didn't really care... I set a goal to do the Tri for the Cure in August 2011... Then I was in a walking boot for 13.5 weeks. Wow.. Who saw that coming. That sucked! My dreams of triathlons were put on hold for about a year but in June of 2012, I did it! A week before the race I did my first open water swim.. Yikes! I'm not a really strong swimmer.... Brrr... I need to kick harder.. Put your face in the water... Brrr... This wet suit is really too big... Brrr... The week before the race was really a week of struggling mentally with the idea I could do it! I can swim ( even if I didn't look pretty & I'm not as fast! ) The morning of the race was hard too.. They almost called it off due to wind & the high park fire... ( bad bad air conditions, which made the bike & swim hard!) With all that.. Goal reached!

Other goals I've reached:
Learn to like to run  ( cute running skirts & good music needed)
The many races of  2012... Bolder Boulder, Elephant Rock, venus de miles (51 miles)..& the upcoming rock n roll bike race...

Ok so all of this to say... I'm still not where I want to be.. Physically ( +/-few lbs since ending weight watchers, not as toned on legs, belly & arms as I wish), mentally ( I still feel like I'm as large as I once was & I feel guilty for eating certain things & I generally have bad self talk), emotionally ( I'm sometimes wreck), spiritually ( I think I can do it on my own, not! ) 

So I made a plan (below) & I'm going to document things here ( usually on my mobile, so please forgive typos & grammar)...

Today... We're in Seattle & I'm going to enjoy my brunch with my hubby, this almond latte & whatever else comes our way because's on!

The Plan:
Boot camp class (Monday - Friday, 1 hour per day, 5 weeks)
Counting WW points, 30 per day
Not counting or using activity points
No alcohol for duration of boot camp
Reading Made to Crave
Walking, Elliptical or Zumba on weekends/nights to keep mind & body busy.

Thank you anyone who is reading & praying for me on my journey! 

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